May 2019 Designer Picks

This month, our designers wanted to remind everyone to balance the straight lines of their rooms and furniture with some dynamic curves. If you have trouble with finding unique pieces with curving silhouettes that will work with the straight edges of your existing pieces, than we have you covered. The following pieces will coordinate with any style.

CURVY SOFA by E.J. Victor

Has a sofa ever looked more inviting and cozy? Inspired by the iconic Ours Polaire sofa by Jean Royère, this piece is every bit as dynamic and comfortable as its muse. The sloping curved back offers beautiful 360 degree views, while the deep seat allows for a fabulous day of lounging.

LINDA SCHOENER, Principal Designer


Who knew that the "All Seeing Eye," the symbol of the Illuminati, could be such a beautiful accessory? The dramatic curve of the eye coupled with the color of truth - blue - and power - gold - turns this symbol into an elegant and luxurious decor item. The collection is filled with trinkets, bookends, and even stationery for anyone drawn towards this illustrious design.

BRENT LITTLEFIELD, Interior Designer


When functionality is paired with dynamic geometry, you get this stunning table set. The dual height of the two circular cocktail tables allow for a organic effect without going outside the boundaries of true modern design. The lazy susan, with it's contrasting marble top, offers a unique functional element not usually seen in a living space.

DANA PAYNE, Interior Designer

TANGLE DINING TABLE by Stone International

Stone top dining tables are functional, simple in silhouette, and designed to show off the beauty of the stone material. However, we like our dining table bases to be a bit more dynamic. Four uniquely shaped links elegantly interlock with one another to create the base of this dining table, while still allowing to comfortably seat six chairs, and show off which stone you chose for the top.

ROBYN BRIDGMAN, Interior Designer

What curved piece caught your eye?

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