July 2019 Designer Picks

"Great design has more details yet less details are seen."

- M. Cobanli

Our designers focused on items that use subtle detailing to create a unique and stylish design.

ENTITLED BED by Chaddock

This modern shelter bed offers a wonderful juxtaposition of curves and angles. The subtle projection of the wings gives a sense of coziness and seems to balance perfectly with the slight lift of the wood legs.

LINDA SCHOENER, Principal Designer


Based on antique 19th and 20th Century helmets used for marine applications, these diving helmets feature brass finished metal with the solid brass details and fitting. Evoking the days of hard hat diving, these amazing helmets are sure make a seaworthy statement on any wall.

BRENT LITTLEFIELD, Interior Designer

HOPING SCULPTURE by Boomdeeay Ceramics

At first glance and touch, this piece appears to be made of enameled metal. However, the South Carolina artist using the painstaking method of coil ceramics to create the organic shape before smoothing it out. After glazing and firing, one would never know the time involved to create such a stunning centerpiece.

DANA PAYNE, Interior Designer

PIROUETTE DINING TABLE by Theodore Alexander

Influenced by the elegant spin of a ballerina, this beautiful dining table features intricate spiral diamond stitching on its tapered base. And what would a dance inspired table be without a marble lazy susan to round out the design.

ROBYN BRIDGMAN, Interior Designer

What design quotes ignite your imagination?

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