November 2018 Designer Picks

We had the most wonderful time picking our favorites this month. Check out what we chose below!


November is when we change our front showroom display from Fall to Winter and the memories of all the planning and hard work during January come to fruition. The one-of-a-kind items that sparked joy in our hearts are unboxed and put on display, while the creation of unique holiday trees and vignettes bring smiles and joy to our clients.

LINDA SCHOENER, Principal Designer

NOUVEL by Orfeo Glass

Truly interesting glass is a staple in the Seattle and Bellevue area, and artist Orfeo Qualgiata creates such pieces. His use of innovative techniques to bring a unique spin on blown and cut glass is exactly what we look for when adding artwork to a client's space.

BRENT LITTLEFIELD, Interior Designer

CUSTOM ARTWORK by Molly Swartz

Any piece by local artist Molly Schwartz is awe inspiring and a thrill to stare at. Her technique of back painting and shattering glass is amazing to watch, which you can see on her Instagram, and I love the fact that her children are her biggest inspiration.

DANA PAYNE, Interior Designer

INFINITY TABLE by Marge Carson

Finding a dining table that fits a small space and compliments several design styles is sometimes difficult to find. Thankfully, this table checks each box and offers a beautiful, fluid design that is easy to admire through the glass top.

ROBYN BRIDGMAN, Interior Designer

Next month we're looking at setting up the home for the holidays and finding some unique gifts. Make sure to visit our Instagram page as well for inspiration.

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