December 2019 Designer Picks

Winter is here and we are trying to finish our holiday shopping before it's too late. This month, our designers chose items that bring smiles to their face, joy to their hearts, and style to their spaces.

JUBILEE TREE by Schoener

We love creating unique holiday trees and had the wonderful honor of creating this bright and whimsy tree for the charity Jubilee REACH. Every holiday season they host the Festival of Trees, a holiday tree auction. We are excited that this colorful, ornament packed holiday tree will be the focal feature of someone's home this season.

LINDA SCHOENER, Principal Designer

STRIPED BULLDOG by Interior Illusions

Weighing in at 15 lbs, this bulldog might not win the next WKC show, but it does win a place in our hearts. This 24 inch long resin statue features a hand-painted onsie, so no two figurines will be the same. Add it to your space for that perfect touch of endearing abstract art.

BRENT LITTLEFIELD, Interior Designer

GLASS TREES by Simon Pearce

If you're looking for glass artwork that captures the beauty of the forest, then these pieces are the perfect thing. From clear, to "flocked" with white, gold, and silver, these evergreen glass sculptures offer year round art for your home. Add a LED light up base to illuminate from the bottom, or entwine some fairy lights around the bases for a holiday flair.

DANA PAYNE, Interior Designer

KANO SIDEBOARD by John-Richard

Storage does not have to be boring. This sleek silhouetted sideboard provides ample storage for your dining or living space while exuding an understated elegance. The croc-embossed doors add a subtle flare, making it the perfect piece for your home.

ROBYN BRIDGMAN, Interior Designer


Modern style? Check. Durable leather? Check. Swivel base? Check. Full customization for placement of neutral, color, and metallic leather? Check! This comfortable lounge, swivel chair is sure to be the functional and stylish piece you've been looking for.

JENNA LONG, Interior Designer

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