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  DESIGNER PICKS - April 2019

We are always looking for new artists to showcase in our showroom, and Ronnie Phillips is our latest choice.  The life that exudes from his pieces have us mesmerized.  We find these look great anywhere they can catch the light: in a window, as a centerpiece on a dining table, or showcased on a bookcase. 


by Ronnie Phillips

Ronnie Phillips Glass Globes.jpg

Luxury should not have to be fussy.  That is why we love these soft percale sheets from Peacock Alley.  They feel great on the skin, look clean and crisp on any bed, and are easy to maintain. 


by Peacock Alley

Supima 45.jpg

Sometimes a space needs a touch of fun; nothing over the top or dramatic, but something that catches the eye and draws the viewer in.  The playfulness of Pendulux's sci-fi inspired pieces are exactly that element that we look for to add a unique accent to a den, a living room, or even a bedroom.


by Pendulux

Pendulux Clocks.jpg

A special picture needs a special frame, and there is none more elegantly exquisite than the crystal embedded gold frames by Olivia Riegel.  They are a wonderful way to add a touch of glimmer to any space and make a beautiful gift for any upcoming weddings or baby showers that are happening this spring. 


by Olivia Riegel

Olivia Riegel Frames.jpg